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Photo Tour

We’ve had some people asking for updated pictures now that we’ve been living in the tiny for nearly half a year. Overall we’ve found the transition more easy than we ever expected but of course it now has the “lived in” look, especially with two young boys. Here is a little photo tour:

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As most of you know we’ve started slowly moving in to the tiny house. Of course with anything we had some expectations of how everything was going to go with moving in to the tiny, living in the tiny and even just the beautiful look of the tiny. A couple weeks in to this phase-in process and we’ve hit some realities…most (ok pretty much all) revolving around our youngest son.

I know, it's hard to believe this sweet angel would give us any sort of trouble.

I know, it’s hard to believe this sweet angel would give us any sort of trouble.

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Guess who’s back?!?

It’s almost embarrassing to say that our last blog post was January 7….yes it’s November. What can I say? Life just got crazy. Less than one week after that last post we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our family and life has been a whirlwind since. As parents of 2 crazy boys, I can almost guarantee that our posts will not be nearly as often as they were before BUT we’re back at it!

We're a family of 4!

We’re a family of 4!

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The floor/ceiling project

This past weekend we spent some time working on the loft floor. It may seem as a crazy step and completely out of order given we don’t have electric work done, siding, plumbing hooked up, walls, etc but we decided this was a step we wanted to take. The main reason we wanted to take this step was so our son could start exploring and enjoying his new space and getting some more time with us. When the weather was nice and we were working on the tiny he was playing outside right along our side. Now that the rain has hit and we’ve seen cooler days he’s been in our “normal sized” house while we go in frequently checking on him. With the floor in he can play in the loft or plug in his travel DVD player and veg out watching a movie (gasp… I know).

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Living without the some finer things in life

When we started the floor plan for the tiny house we had to make some difficult decisions. We had to decide what items we could live without and what items were important enough to us to take up room in such a small space. After really thinking through it and doing some research we’ve decided to go without a couple things that are in most typical households and appliances we’ve lived with for years!

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Tiny Interview with a Tiny Human about a Tiny House

He knows there will eventually be a tiny house on this trailer

He knows there will eventually be a tiny house on this trailer (he toured 3 different tiny houses before we began our build).

As most of you know we’re building a tiny house and we’re a growing family, 1 son and 1 on the way. Most people are baffled that we’re choosing to try out this lifestyle with a child/children. So I decided who better to weigh in on this matter than my 4 year old son. Here is how the interview went down:

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Building a Tiny House – Walls and Sheathing

It’s been months since we bought our trailer. Shortly after getting it home I worked on securing the floor joists and subfloor. We then covered it, hoping to keep the weather off of it, and unfortunately it sat for months. We had 8 or 9 consecutive weekends where we were gone, which made it impossible to do any meaningful work.


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It’s not about the house, folks.

At the moment we decided we were going to join the tiny house movement and see where the adventure would take us we became very anxious and excited and at that very same moment we had many people asking us many questions.

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Worries About Tiny House Living

I previously made a post about what I’m looking forward to when it comes to living in a tiny house. I am well aware that living in a tiny house will not be all sunshine and rainbows so I’ve decided to also share what I’m worried about when it comes to tiny house living.

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Looking Forward to Tiny House Living

Some people thing we are very crazy because we are a family and planning to build and live in a tiny house. I decided to post what I’m most looking forward to with living in a tiny house and will later make a post about what I’m worried about. Like any big life decision there are excitements and worries.

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