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Our Son’s Birthday Gifts

Our son’s birthday was quickly approaching and it was about time to send out the birthday invitations. We feared  what any person moving towards downsizing would fear…the gifts. I mean…only so many toys will fit in a tiny house. 

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5 Minimalist “Hacks”

Before I went through each room in our house to really clean out items to make it “more minimalist” I did some research. I read articles, I looked at photographs, etc. etc. Then I began my journey. Here is what I have found to love about minimalism so I will call them Minimalist “Hacks”

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Where do you start?

When I began my journey into the minimalist lifestyle I decided to document via photographs as much as I could. I used facebook as a way to both motivate myself and hold myself accountable, as well as share minimalism with my friends.


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Uniform Wardrobe

It’s not a big surprise that women and men generally have different opinions when it comes to how to dress. Kristy has mentioned how a capsule wardrobe can be an effective way to minimize the number of items you have while still allowing for a lot of variety. I’m sure she’ll discuss this more at some point. For me, variety is not so important.

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Slim Packing

As I explore the minimalist lifestyle more and more I realize different facets of my life that it can be applied to. The most recent traveling…or rather packing! 1 year ago if you saw me traveling (for a weekend trip) I would have had a large suitcase for my clothes and shoes plus an extra case for makeup, toiletries and accessories. Don’t even get me started on what I would have packed for my son.

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The Toaster

We’ve continued our journey towards the minimalist lifestyle. Each day we are questioning:

*What can we go without?
*What do we have too many of?
*What do we not need to replace?

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Why minimalism?

Imagine the typical day of a stay at home mom. Many moments shared with your little one. There are hugs, kisses, tears, fits, etc. etc. on any given day. You are continuously following your little Hansel or Gretel leaving crumbs with your vacuum in hand.

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Life Altering Moment

Have you ever had a life altering moment? A moment in time that stops you dead in your tracks and you know that you’ve just decided that something has changed within you and you will never be the same? Some would say that every choice we make, every moment in life is life altering which is true but I’m talking about the kind that means my life will look different from here on out.

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The beginning

You’re probably restless.

I certainly am and have been for years. I’ve been trudging along doing all of the things that have been expected of me. I worked hard in school. I found the job that pays well and is in a field with plenty of opportunity. I bought the latest gadgets and gizmos and put a few dollars back when I could. By the classical definition I was doing all of the “right” things and on paper I had a great life.

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