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No. I don’t have a smartphone.

I’m not lying. I don’t have a smartphone. I know, it’s completely and utterly absurd. We live in a society with growing technology and most would assume that I have a smartphone. I mean…doesn’t everybody? Well I’m hear to tell you no, they don’t. I don’t. I figured it would be worthwhile to create a few lists relating to the non-smartphone user. I’ve tagged this article under “family” and “minimalism” because I truly believe it relates to both of these parts of my life.

Yep. That's my phone.

Yep. That’s my phone.

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Minimalist Primping Tote

I’m going to be honest (if purely for the fact that some of you see me out regularly) but over 90% of the time I go out into public I rarely do anything with my hair (messy bun, maybe add a headband/wrap), throw on some mascara and occasionally a pair of earrings. I do though like to feel like a girly, female every once in awhile and with that comes… things. Makeup, jewelry, painted nails, etc, etc, etc, etc.


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Tiny Interview with a Tiny Human about a Tiny House

He knows there will eventually be a tiny house on this trailer

He knows there will eventually be a tiny house on this trailer (he toured 3 different tiny houses before we began our build).

As most of you know we’re building a tiny house and we’re a growing family, 1 son and 1 on the way. Most people are baffled that we’re choosing to try out this lifestyle with a child/children. So I decided who better to weigh in on this matter than my 4 year old son. Here is how the interview went down:

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Getting All Dolled Up…the Minimalist Way

The times that I get all dolled all are few and far between these days, as a busy mom, but nonetheless still very important. I’ll be honest and say that sometimes a special necklace, putting on some eye shadow and doing something with my hair can make me feel pretty darn good. This is slightly crazy since all of these things before becoming a mom were an everyday essential occurrence.

As I began working on de-cluttering and living a simpler life I realized my beauty supplies needed a major makeover or maybe makeunder rather. I’d been collecting jewelry, makeup, hair and nail stuff like crazy and it had become overwhelming and made the process of getting ready in the morning overwhelming which lead to me often times just skipping it.

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De-Cluttering with Kids

When people decide to move towards the minimalist lifestyle or even just de-clutter they usually feel pretty motivated and in the end pretty happy with the results. Many people with children really struggle with getting rid of the clutter when it comes to their kids.

He rarely plays with stuffed animals. He chooses to keep Raphael (he built him) and get rid of Flubber (a hand-me down from Mommy)

He rarely plays with stuffed animals. He chooses to keep Raphael (he built him) and get rid of Flubber (a hand-me down from Mommy)

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KonMari Folding

Folding seems like such a crazy topic to blog about. It seems to be something that you’ve done a certain way for so many years why change now? A year ago my husband joined the military and there is a certain way to “roll” clothes. At this point I learned how to “do the roll” and when doing laundry I’ve done that with some items. I recently found a method that I really like though when it comes to folding and storing clothes. 

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5 Benefits to Packing Light

Since my venture into packing lighter I’ve found 5 simple benefits to packing light. If you aren’t so sure just give it a try for one trip and see how you feel. You may never go back to that crazy, fill-the-hotel-room packing! Here are the benefits I’ve found:

1. Opportunity to get creative– I actually find it fun to get creative with my clothing pieces. It’s almost like a weird fashion puzzle. Lay out a few pieces and accessories and see how much you can mix and match them to make different outfits. 

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Worries About Tiny House Living

I previously made a post about what I’m looking forward to when it comes to living in a tiny house. I am well aware that living in a tiny house will not be all sunshine and rainbows so I’ve decided to also share what I’m worried about when it comes to tiny house living.

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Looking Forward to Tiny House Living

Some people thing we are very crazy because we are a family and planning to build and live in a tiny house. I decided to post what I’m most looking forward to with living in a tiny house and will later make a post about what I’m worried about. Like any big life decision there are excitements and worries.

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Child Birthday Giving

I previously wrote an article on my son’s birthday gifts and how we asked for experiences rather than toys…but do I practice what I preach?

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