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Embracing the Pregnant Body

When I was pregnant with my first son, over 4 years ago, I had one rule…no bare belly pictures. As a person who isn’t completely confident in her body or “revealing” her body it was just something I didn’t feel comfortable with…at all, even pictures to be taken and seen only for the eyes of the photographer, myself and my husband.

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The floor/ceiling project

This past weekend we spent some time working on the loft floor. It may seem as a crazy step and completely out of order given we don’t have electric work done, siding, plumbing hooked up, walls, etc but we decided this was a step we wanted to take. The main reason we wanted to take this step was so our son could start exploring and enjoying his new space and getting some more time with us. When the weather was nice and we were working on the tiny he was playing outside right along our side. Now that the rain has hit and we’ve seen cooler days he’s been in our “normal sized” house while we go in frequently checking on him. With the floor in he can play in the loft or plug in his travel DVD player and veg out watching a movie (gasp… I know).

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Minimalist Primping Tote

I’m going to be honest (if purely for the fact that some of you see me out regularly) but over 90% of the time I go out into public I rarely do anything with my hair (messy bun, maybe add a headband/wrap), throw on some mascara and occasionally a pair of earrings. I do though like to feel like a girly, female every once in awhile and with that comes… things. Makeup, jewelry, painted nails, etc, etc, etc, etc.


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Living without the some finer things in life

When we started the floor plan for the tiny house we had to make some difficult decisions. We had to decide what items we could live without and what items were important enough to us to take up room in such a small space. After really thinking through it and doing some research we’ve decided to go without a couple things that are in most typical households and appliances we’ve lived with for years!

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You need a husband who…

As most of you know I’ve married my high school sweetheart. We’ve been together since before either of us could drive. We’ve been together 15 years (yes half my life), married 8 years, we have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 son and 1 son still cooking, we’ve owned 3 homes 1 of which was a major fixer upper (talk about a marriage tester), up and moved and started a new life in a new state with a newborn, and well…my list could go on of the countless life experiences we’ve had together.


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Tiny Interview with a Tiny Human about a Tiny House

He knows there will eventually be a tiny house on this trailer

He knows there will eventually be a tiny house on this trailer (he toured 3 different tiny houses before we began our build).

As most of you know we’re building a tiny house and we’re a growing family, 1 son and 1 on the way. Most people are baffled that we’re choosing to try out this lifestyle with a child/children. So I decided who better to weigh in on this matter than my 4 year old son. Here is how the interview went down:

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Getting All Dolled Up…the Minimalist Way

The times that I get all dolled all are few and far between these days, as a busy mom, but nonetheless still very important. I’ll be honest and say that sometimes a special necklace, putting on some eye shadow and doing something with my hair can make me feel pretty darn good. This is slightly crazy since all of these things before becoming a mom were an everyday essential occurrence.

As I began working on de-cluttering and living a simpler life I realized my beauty supplies needed a major makeover or maybe makeunder rather. I’d been collecting jewelry, makeup, hair and nail stuff like crazy and it had become overwhelming and made the process of getting ready in the morning overwhelming which lead to me often times just skipping it.

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Why camping can feel like a vacation…

The way I see it, there are 2 types of people; those who enjoy camping and those who don’t. I have a friend that when I tell her we’re going camping she cringes because to her it sounds like a pure nightmare, but for me it can actually feel like a relaxing vacation (there was a day where I never would have thought this).


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4 YR Homeschooling 1st Quarter

After spending a year easing into homeschooling with my son I realized some things that worked great, some things that didn’t work and some things that need tweaked.

I spoke about my ziplock bag method in my blog post “Easing into Homeschooling.” This worked really great! I had my chart printed in the front of the bag and all the materials that were needed stuffed into the bag. That way each time we sat down I could just pull it out and pick a few things for that day. I loved that I didn’t have to plan day by day but could just pull from the bag knowing we were working towards a goal. What I realized I didn’t like was the month by month plan. It was hard for me to sit down and plan just a month and then I had all of these extra materials that we never got to. I decided to start planning by quarter and as we’re about to finish up the first quarter, I’m really enjoying it a lot more. We’ve been able to keep up our routine, add some materials and the only new thing we have to pull out each month are the read aloud books for our theme (since it changes monthly).

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De-Cluttering with Kids

When people decide to move towards the minimalist lifestyle or even just de-clutter they usually feel pretty motivated and in the end pretty happy with the results. Many people with children really struggle with getting rid of the clutter when it comes to their kids.

He rarely plays with stuffed animals. He chooses to keep Raphael (he built him) and get rid of Flubber (a hand-me down from Mommy)

He rarely plays with stuffed animals. He chooses to keep Raphael (he built him) and get rid of Flubber (a hand-me down from Mommy)

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