From Teacher to Homeschooling Mom

If you’d asked me 10 years ago if I’d be homeschooling my child I would have politely said “No way!” I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree in Reading Education. My career was being an educator. I was convinced I’d picked the perfect profession. My child(ren) would go to school with me. We’d have our afternoons, weekends, holidays and summers together. I loved being a teacher and I knew I would love being a mom. Could it get any better than this?

Well along the way some things changed. Now I find myself transitioning from teacher to homeschooling mom and I’ve learned that my background as a teacher is helpful but teaching your own child is much different! This year we’ve eased into homeschooling so that when it’s kindergarten time it won’t be a big adjustment for both my son and myself.

We’ve battled through finding the appropriate time of the day to homeschool, the appropriate expectations (yes you may jump on your trampoline while identifying letters and numbers) and most importantly being able to stop when it’s not working.

I think my hardest transition though has been breaking away from the structure. As an elementary school teacher you have to have structure. If you don’t it will be a 20 kid chaotic mess. It’s been ingrained in my mind that things need to be done a certain way and then you move on and get the next item done. I’ve had to step back several times and just enjoy the fact that my son can work at his own pace. I now allow him to choose which activity we do next and if his attention isn’t there…let’s just go outside and blow some bubbles for awhile.

My latest struggle has actually been with developing a pre-k through 12 outline with my husband. As a business man, he wants a plan so we’ve been trying to work through goals and outcomes that we want to see with our son’s education. As an elementary teacher the subject areas are reading, writing and math…if you have time some social studies and science. My husband is throwing out business, technology, communication, culture, etc. etc. I’ve realized that his ideas are what homeschooling is all about. You can choose your child’s education and don’t have conform. I gladly take a deep breath and then dive into the endless possibilities that can be my son’s education.

I expect that there will be many more challenges ahead but I look forward to breaking through them and embracing them along the way!


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  1. Lori Bentley

    Great post! I agree on so many levels. I believe the hardest part will be letting go of my “teacher” mindset and homeschool my children! Reading and Math are very important but there are so many other things to learn and study!!

    • kristy

      Thank you! Yes it is really hard when you were taught a certain way to teach and then implemented it when you became a teacher. It’s challenging but also so freeing! I’m excited to hear about your journey since you’re a year ahead of us!

  2. Emily

    I also have a degree in Early Childhood Edu. and homeschool. I think we have a lot in common. 😉

    • kristy

      Sounds like we do! How long have you been homeschooling? Brand new for us!

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