We started dating before we could drive. We’ve attended proms, weddings, funerals and births :) together. Today marks 10 years we’ve been married…10 years. In 10 years of marriage you see and experience a lot. You have really high ups and really low downs. My husband and I for 10 years have never wavered on our commitment, faithfulness and love for one another. To celebrate our 10 years I thought I’d reflect back on it. Here is what marriage is to me.
Marriage is saying “I do” in front of your family and friends feeling nothing but giddiness.
Marriage is a gold ring around your finger that reminds you every day of that commitment…or sometimes a black silicone ring.
Marriage is being whisked away on a honeymoon with your new husband, a trip he entirely planned.
Marriage is being patient with your husband when he drank too much on your honeymoon.
Marriage is sipping on an electric lemonade while watching your super competitive husband play pool volleyball.
Marriage is a small family with a husband, wife and two cats.
Marriage is living together and learning who has what role in the household.
Marriage is your husband learning he married someone who doesn’t cook, at all.
Marriage is realizing you’ll be doing a lot of laundry because you don’t cook.
Marriage is your husband laughing at you laughing at FRIENDS many, many times.
Marriage is selling your first place.
Marriage is buying a fixer-upper.
Marriage is home improvement arguments (many).
Marriage is adopting puppies together.
Marriage is backyard barbecues.
Marriage is surviving an entire week without electricity.
Marriage is spending the night in a dark, freezing room with three dogs puking all over the both of you (I curse you kennel cough).
Marriage is seeing your husband lift a couch up over his head two stories by himself and trying to figure out if you should be scared how crazy he is or impressed how strong and determined he is.
Marriage is tears over the unhappiness your husband feels at his job.
Marriage is stressful from life challenges.
Marriage is your husband sitting through “The Notebook” countless times because he knows how much you love it.
Marriage is holding hands while telling your families you’re moving away from them.
Marriage is a little fear and a lot of excitement from two pink lines.
Marriage is the look in your husband’s eyes when he feels your baby kick from inside your stomach.
Marriage is sleepless nights knowing your life is about to change in a way you can’t even imagine.
Marriage is telling your husband you think your water broke.
Marriage is your husband being confused at how you can’t know if your water broke.
Marriage is your husband racing around loading the truck because the baby is coming while you put on your cute “Team Baby” shirt (and marriage is your husband freaking out because you’re calmly strolling around in your cute shirt).
Marriage is your husband telling you when you are having a contraction and to push.
Marriage is the fear your husband has in his eyes after he’s witnessed you birth a child, and are being physically repaired.
Marriage is also the fear your husband has in his eyes when his mother asks you if you’re ready for another baby (still at the hospital from delivering your first) and you exhausted and excited say “yes.”
Marriage is seeing your husband be a father for the first time, realizing you love him on a brand new level.
Marriage is your husband running into the room and catching you the exact moment you passed out after delivery.
Marriage is your husband staying up with your child at night so you can sleep.
Marriage is your husband confused and slightly amused that you thought he was leaving you because you had a slight miscommunication when you were both sleep deprived from the baby that NEVER sleeps.
Marriage is house hunting in another state…with a baby.
Marriage is packing up an entire house with only your husband.
Marriage is your husband’s embrace as you cry leaving the house that held the first memories of your first child.
Marriage is living in a room in your in-laws basement for 3 weeks with your husband, new baby, and two cats.
Marriage is moving to another state.
Marriage is realizing you have nothing but your husband to rely on in a brand new place.
Marriage is your husband lighting up with pride that you, the not so social wife, had lunch with new friends the first day out in your new state with your baby.
Marriage is more home improvement projects on a new house, less fights though because you both know how to pick your battles now.
Marriage is laying down at night knowing you didn’t make the biggest mistake of your life moving away from family because you have each other and have found a new sense of peace.
Marriage is watching “I Love You Man” and “21 Jump Street” many, many times because you got rid of cable and it’s the only two movies you can both actually agree upon.
Marriage is you going back to work and your husband supporting your decision.
Marriage is your husband listening to you vent about struggling being a working mom.
Marriage is your husband supporting you when you tell him you don’t want to renew your teaching contract and want to be a stay-at-home mom.
Marriage is your husband taking on all financial responsibility so that you and your son can be happiest.
Marriage is your husband buying you a brand new car.
Marriage is your husband taking a picture of you hugging your ’99 Corolla goodbye.
Marriage is your husband cracking up (and truly appreciating your quirkiness) at a text from the Corolla’s new owner saying he’s enjoying the mix tape.
Marriage is your husband taking on the role of grocery shopping because your son has ruined that experience for you.
Marriage is family trips, not vacations…trips.
Marriage is seeing the look of disappointment in your husband’s eyes when a stranger asks him if he’s in the military.
Marriage is recognizing that if you aren’t open to the conversation, your husband will live with a big regret.
Marriage is your husband and you agreeing, at 28, that he will join the military.
Marriage is seeing your husband take an oath that causes you so much pride but also fear.
Marriage is an early pregnancy test before he leaves for basic training, two more pink lines.
Marriage is learning what bills you need to pay since he’ll be gone.
Marriage is a less than one minute scripted phone call that he’s arrived.
Marriage is badly repairing your fence because your dogs got out again, and wondering what your husband’s response will be to the new “beautiful” fence.
Marriage is missing your husband when he’s gone.
Marriage is writing a letter to tell him you’ve lost the baby.
Marriage is only three fifteen minute phone calls in 10 weeks with so much to say.
Marriage is strengthened through letters of love and encouragement.
Marriage is hugging your husband after 7 years of marriage like you’ve never hugged him before.
Marriage is a clear vision that you both want a new path for your life together.
Marriage is two more pink lines.
Marriage is holidays with family.
Marriage is your husband holding your hand during the ultrasound.
Marriage is your husband numbing his pain so he can be there for you.
Marriage is your husband seeing you through the surgery, loving you through the depression.
Marriage is deciding you want to build a tiny house.
Marriage is watching every episode of Parenthood together, most often him asking “Are you crying?” again.
Marriage is two more pink lines.
Marriage is relishing in the quiet while your husband and son enjoy guy’s night.
Marriage is sigh of relief at the sound of a heartbeat.
Marriage is telling your husband you plan to breastfeed this time around.
Marriage is your husband being encouraging for the third time the hospital has sent you home “I’m sorry you’re not ready to have the baby yet” they say.
Marriage is the look of shock on your husband’s face when you tell him you aren’t going back to the dang hospital until you can see the baby’s head.
Marriage is about three hours later telling your husband you’re going back to the hospital.
Marriage is your husband telling you not to have your friends come get your son until the hospital tells you you’re staying…and you shout “I’m not leaving this time!”
Marriage is your husband getting mad in your defense because multiple nurses can’t get the IV in.
Marriage is wanting to kill your husband when he starts crunching on fritos during your epidural.
Marriage is the look of pride your husband has for you getting that 8 pounder out in under 30 minutes of pushing.
Marriage is looking at your new baby and knowing your husband has given you the family you have always dreamed of.
Marriage is more sleepless nights.
Marriage is not sleeping in the same bed together for months.
Marriage is telling your husband not to come in when you’re pumping because he can never un-see that.
Marriage is your husband not sleeping a wink and keeping the baby, who only wants his mom, quiet for 5 hours straight so you can get some much needed sleep.
Marriage is your husband going back to work and you realizing you’re on your own with two boys.
Marriage is your husband getting up at 5am (while you sleep) to build the tiny house before he leaves for work.
Marriage is deciding together that you want your son homeschooled.
Marriage is planning your son’s educational goals together.
Marriage is family camping trips.
Marriage is your husband frustrated that you don’t put the hand towel back after washing it.
Marriage is you frustrated your husband doesn’t load the dishwasher.
Marriage is your husband taking both boys out of the house while you’re sick so you can sleep.
Marriage is filling the weekends he’s gone so that you won’t miss him as much.
Marriage is playing baseball in the front yard with your husband and two boys thinking this might have been one of your best life moments yet.
Marriage is making date nights a priority.
Marriage is moving in to the tiny house together, pleasantly surprised that you are actually going to make this crazy dream work.
Marriage is you stressing over packing for a long flight with two boys and seeing your husband pack a book for himself….a book.
Marriage is you and your husband surviving a 10 hour flight with a young boy and a baby.
Marriage is a date night in Hawaii with the one you love.
Marriage is missing your husband when he works late.
Marriage is finding out your husband is leaving in 3 weeks for almost 5 months.
Marriage is missing your husband every single night when you lay down for bed without him.
Marriage is regular skype dates.
Marriage is visits while he’s gone but knowing a weekend isn’t enough.
Marriage is being sick and wishing nothing more but for your husband to be home.
Marriage is feeling rushed yet a sense of peace when your husband gets to come home for a weekend.
Marriage is a date night where you literally just drink, eat and talk and think there isn’t anything much better than this.
Marriage is saying good-bye again.
Marriage is texts and selfies to brighten the other ones day.
Marriage is spending your 10 year anniversary in what is known as “Fort Lost in the Woods,” knowing it isn’t Mexico, Las Vegas or some exotic adventure but knowing that’s ok; you have each other and many adventures await.
Happy Anniversary My Love.