As most of you know we homeschool. I’ll spare you the details of the constant ups and downs of this journey (teaching your own kiddo ain’t easy) but when we made the decision to homeschool my husband and I decided to come up with our own curriculum. We loved the idea of his education being exactly what we wanted from him as a student but also just as a person living life. We wanted lessons that would support him being a smart, kind and creative person. We wanted from day 1 to not plan for just today, or a test in a year but for his future. After we had objectives and areas outlined we would then find activities, workbooks, books, etc that met our son’s specific needs and goals for that time.

When we sat down to come up with the curriculum goals I was a little leery when my husband mentioned “business” (along with mathematics, communication, science, etc) As a former kindergarten teacher, technology I knew I could make at the kindergarten level but business was a whole other story and completely out of my comfort zone. I knew though that we were a team in creating his education though so there had to be some give and take. As the primary teacher my mind was boggled at what this would look like. Instead of worrying about in June I put in the calendar for  February and decided I’d cross that bridge when I got there :).

We have now completed February which had a focus titled “Business 101.” A couple months ago a friend was having an online Usborne party. I told the consultant that I was a homeschooling mom. I was a former kindergarten teacher and had too many books already. I was only looking for activity books and I gave her my list of themes for the remainder of the year. One being the business month. She told me she thought she had the perfect book. I researched the book, it seemed like it could meet some of our goals and I stored it away until it was time to start planning for the month.


He created his own restaurant for a day. This lesson included math, reading, writing, art and business!

When most people overheard me or my husband talking about working on business with our son we were given weird looks but the most common response was “IN KINDERGARTEN?” pretty much the same response I gave my husband. When I started to explain what we’d done I seemed to get positive and intrigued responses so I thought I’d share a little bit of what we did for Business 101 in kindergarten.  It was simple, but effective and fun.

It started with a library search. I looked for juvenile non-fiction business books. Some of the books were too advanced but I could still scan the information and read what I knew would make sense to him. Even when reading a book on Google he came up with something he wanted to google (glowing pajamas of course). It also talked about how Google bought out YouTube and he remembered that YouTube was on our tv where we searched for videos and music. We talked about how some of these businesses made money by advertising for other businesses. We also rented a chapter book on Bill Gates that we read each day and before bed. Below is a video of what he learned about Bill Gates:

Who is Bill Gates? video

His favorite activity this month though was the “Create Your Own Pizzeria” book that I mentioned earlier. This little entrepreneurs book took him through creating a business, step by step, but completely at his level. He was able to be creative but also learn a good deal as well. Below is exactly what it entailed:

Business 101 Pizzeria video



He made a pizza to sample all his toppings of choice (bacon, marshmallows, m&ms, chips, granola)


He taste-tested each topping.


He loved them all of course (the belly ache came later)

All in all I’m really impressed with what he was able to learn, about business, at the age of 5. He also really enjoyed everything he learned and I think he will be looking forward to what we do next year for business month, as well as what we can integrate throughout the year!