As most of you know we’ve started slowly moving in to the tiny house. Of course with anything we had some expectations of how everything was going to go with moving in to the tiny, living in the tiny and even just the beautiful look of the tiny. A couple weeks in to this phase-in process and we’ve hit some realities…most (ok pretty much all) revolving around our youngest son.

I know, it's hard to believe this sweet angel would give us any sort of trouble.

I know, it’s hard to believe this sweet angel would give us any sort of trouble.

Here are some expectations we had, followed by the realities and then finally…the solutions.

Expectation 1: We can cook and prepare a meal while the boys play.
Reality 1: Our 10 month old will try to climb the stairs every chance he gets (turn oven on, get baby off stairs, get out pan, get baby off stairs, open fridge, get baby off stairs, what was I looking for in the fridge?, get baby off stairs, etc, etc, etc, etc…etc.)
Solution 1: Baby Gate!  He now has a nice little area he can be “corralled” to while a meal is prepared.

Baby gate in a tiny house…yep.

Expectation 2: Our baby can be fed at the table while being held or fed “on” the floor since our high chair won’t fit in the tiny house.
Reality 2: Our baby will become upset feeling left out while we eat at the table.
Reality 2.1: Our baby will make a HUGE mess all over the house while eating “on” the floor.
Reality 2.2: We won’t know when our baby is done eating  when using “on” the floor method because he keeps getting distracted…and wanting to climb the stairs {see reality 1}
Solution 2: Research and order a new high chair that can be folded up and put away easily so it isn’t in the way and takes up minimal space.

Yum, yum!

Yum, yum! *The high chair collapses much like a camp chair.

Really making it feel like home by throwing his food on the floor...

Really making it feel like home by throwing his food on the floor…

Expectation 3: Our baby can co-sleep with us until he is old enough to sleep in the loft on his mattress sofa/bed.
Reality 3: Our baby sleeps best independently.
Solution 3: Pack’n’Play in to the loft you go.

Day mode

Day mode

Night mode

Night mode

As you can see our tiny human has given us some obstacles in the tiny house. We could have managed with any of the realities but we want this to be our home and we want all of us to be as happy and comfortable as possible. The reality is in 2 years or less none of these issues will be a problem so for now we’ve figured out what works best for us in the mean time. We’re interested to see along the way what other expectations yield to unexpected realities! I’m sure we’ll figure it out as long as we can keep an open mind and roll with it.


No. I don’t have a smartphone.


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  1. Mish

    This made me smile, laugh, and in the mood to search for this amazing table-attached seat for toddlers! Will send once I locate link. Xoxo. Awesome job Bobo’s!

    • kristy

      It’s been quite fun trying to figure out these little things! So far the high chair we bought is working out perfectly!

  2. Emily

    Loving your journey!

  3. Mary

    “Night mode” sure looks cozy!! I love it!!

  4. Goli

    I very much enjoyed reading this.

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