As we begin a new year I can’t help but be excited! Last year at this time we felt very anxious and hopeful. Unfortunately some of the very things we were hopeful about and excited about brought on pain and stress for our family. They were not things we could have predicted or helped or changed but within the first 2 months of 2015 we felt as if it wasn’t going to be our year and became discouraged.

After some time of suffering and trying to heal we decided that things needed to change. Our family is not the type to sit back and complain, wait for things to happen on their own, just purely rely on good luck coming our way, or even worse…just keep taking the hits. We refocused on our family goals. What we want our future to look like individually, as a family and for our son. Every time we would get down we would try to discuss short term and long term goals for our family and make sure we were both still on the same page and on the same page as to how to make those dreams into a reality.

Now that 2015 has come and gone have we immensely made a big change? Are we where we want to be? The plain and simple answer is no. BUT the good news is we realized that what we want doesn’t make sense for us to try to change over night as it would be nearly impossible and wouldn’t be the best step for our family and could add more stress and turmoil; SO we decided to stick to focusing on what we want for the future and go after it as much as possible in a realistic way.

At this exact date we are happy with the progress we’ve made towards our goals and though we always wish we were further along we choose to be happy for all the blessings we do have.

At times I get anxious, nervous and slightly scared at the changes that await us in 2016. Within the next year we plan to bring a new baby boy to our family, begin homeschooling full-time with a little kindergarten student (*tear*) and finish building and move into a tiny house. Those are all huge changes for one family and in a years time but I think the feeling I have more than anything is excitement (though at times panic of course!)


At this time next year I don’t think we’ll be settled or completely where we want to be  but will be much further down the journey of where we want to be in life. I look forward to seeing how everything comes together and what new  and unexpected obstacles, challenges and rewards come along the way.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?