The times that I get all dolled all are few and far between these days, as a busy mom, but nonetheless still very important. I’ll be honest and say that sometimes a special necklace, putting on some eye shadow and doing something with my hair can make me feel pretty darn good. This is slightly crazy since all of these things before becoming a mom were an everyday essential occurrence.

As I began working on de-cluttering and living a simpler life I realized my beauty supplies needed a major makeover or maybe makeunder rather. I’d been collecting jewelry, makeup, hair and nail stuff like crazy and it had become overwhelming and made the process of getting ready in the morning overwhelming which lead to me often times just skipping it.

I’ve found that I have 4 categories in my bathroom when it comes to getting all dolled up (this doesn’t include things in my closet like shoes and scarves). I realized that individually each of these categories were out of control but put together it was just plain chaos. Here are some things I learned when de-cluttering each category:

  1. Nail Accessories- Throw out all tools that you don’t use or better yet don’t know what they are; treat yourself to the occasional mani/pedi and leave those crazy things to the professionals. If you’re like me you have one favorite pair of nail clippers but have somehow accumulated multiples. Keep your favorite, toss the others. Lastly, really look at your polish. Do you really need 5 different shades of pink? Probably not. Start by picking your favorite of each shade you own. If you’re feeling really brave pick one color that is good for each season, narrowing it down to your favorite 4 colors!
  2. Hair “Stuff”- My hair stuff was just out of control…especially for someone who rocks a messy mom bun 90% of the time. Look at what you actually use for you hair, be practical. Also look for multiples. My hair ties always seem to disappear (thank you cats) so I love to have extras but my bobby pins don’t so do I really need like 5 million of them? Um…no. Lastly, look at what makes you feel good. I am a realistic and know that I love throwing my hair up in a messy bun, however I have crazy fly-aways, I’m not big on using hair products like hair spray so a nice headband or wrap makes me feel a little better. I tossed out a ton hair stuff but purchased a few more handmade hair wraps that I knew I would get use out of.
  3. Makeup- I’m a complete minimalist when it comes to makeup but if you looked in my makeup drawer you wouldn’t have thought that. Most of the time I wear mascara. I also like eye makeup (shadow and liner) but I had so many choices that I didn’t even want to think about it in the morning so I’d skip that step. I read somewhere that certain skin tones look good with certain colors. I began looking back on pictures and realized some of the colors  I had just looked plain awful with my complexion. I narrowed my makeup down to my favorite mascara, black eye liner, brown/gold tone eye shadows and a few colored shimmer powders (to accent) for special occasions. I basically have one go to look which takes out all decisions regarding makeup in the morning and makes it more likely I’ll actually do it. I’ve also rented some books and ebooks from the library for quick makeup tips (10 minutes or less) and give me step by step ways to create new looks for special occasions or when I have a little bit of extra time since I know nothing about doing my makeup.
  4. Jewelry- Last is jewelry. For some reason this one has been really hard for me. I’ve made a ton of progress but feel if I’m completely honest with what I really like and what I actually wear I still have a long way to go. Primarily because 97% of the time all I wear is earrings (I have 3 favorite pairs). For years I’ve been trying to organize my jewelry and it’s been a constant struggle. It came down to the fact that I just had too much (and probably still do). My first suggestion is look at what colors you really wear (this includes clothing, for example I wear black tops a lot so I didn’t really need black necklaces). I had all sorts of random stuff that I might wear but didn’t look good or that I just wouldn’t wear. Pass it along (local women’s shelters is a great place). Next pair up things. I organized mine in organza bags. That way if I knew I wanted to wear a certain kind of jewelry (pearls, for example) I could pull out that bag and they’d all be together. It eliminated the decision factor followed by the searching to match up pieces. Once you pair them up see what you have left. Are the pieces that are left alone a stand out piece and can be worn by itself or should it go?

So there is it, some steps that have helped me. I hope to continue to minimalize my beauty products and jewelry in order to making getting all dolled up even easier!

Confession Time: I’ll be honest that my one true struggle is bracelets. In theory I love bracelets, I see someone with a nice bracelet and think it’s cute and really adds to the outfit; however, I just don’t really like wearing bracelets. They’ve always kind of annoyed me for some reason and I also now have a mother tattoo on my wrist that I actually feel like is all the “accessory” I need. I’ve contemplated just getting rid of every single bracelet I have but haven’t been able to take that plunge. What is your one item you really wish you wore…but actually dont?