I’m going to be honest (if purely for the fact that some of you see me out regularly) but over 90% of the time I go out into public I rarely do anything with my hair (messy bun, maybe add a headband/wrap), throw on some mascara and occasionally a pair of earrings. I do though like to feel like a girly, female every once in awhile and with that comes… things. Makeup, jewelry, painted nails, etc, etc, etc, etc.


When I first started my journey towards a more minimalist life this is one area that I struggled with. I had jewelry galore (though I rarely wear anything beyond earrings), makeup galore (though I usually just wear mascara) and so many bottles of nail polish it isn’t even funny.

I decided to start downsizing in all these areas. I de-cluttered and reorganized, repeat, repeat, repeat. I finally got to the point that I needed a goal because what I was doing wasn’t making me happy and feel accomplished.  I decided the best goal was a “space” goal. Could I get the majority of everything I need to get dolled up put into one small “tote?”

Having it organized and separated by category was important for me. I looked through many tackleboxes, yes tackleboxes but couldn’t find the perfect organizer for this task. I just randomly stumbled across this tote in a crafting section of a store and thought it just might work. I loved that it had handles so it could easily be pulled out and carried to a space (for example when we move into the tiny house) and I loved that it was open and you could see almost everything. I also loved all the dividers to keep each category separate.


It isn’t the neatest I’ve ever had my stuff organized but I’m overall pretty happy with it (and have been using it for several months now). To describe what’s going on in it…top left section is what we’ll call “hair stuff,” the section beside it is headbands/wraps. The section in the middle (long section) is makeup, makeup remover, and a small mirror. The bottom left section is nail polish and other nail items (though nail polish remover and cotton balls are zipped in a side pocket). The bottom right section is my jewelry. They are matched by color/style in organza bags. The outer pockets have random other things like deodorant, perfume, lotion, etc.

Besides my hair appliances and hair products everything I really need to get primped is in this tote. I’ve actually even considered squeezing in my brush, flat iron and then a travel size hair spray but I’m saving that for another time :).

Anybody else have an amazing minimalist primping tote?