When we started the floor plan for the tiny house we had to make some difficult decisions. We had to decide what items we could live without and what items were important enough to us to take up room in such a small space. After really thinking through it and doing some research we’ve decided to go without a couple things that are in most typical households and appliances we’ve lived with for years!

We decided we wouldn’t have a dishwasher or a washer and dryer. We acknowledged people lived without them for years and some people live without them now. I decided to do a test run without using these items for a couple days (though I did it at different times). I wanted to see what it would be like; though in all honesty our lifestyle in the tiny house will be quite different so it’s not a completely fair trial run.

I started with not using the washer and dryer. My goal was to go one week. I’m gonna be honest I didn’t make it :). I felt like I learned enough in 5 days to see what we needed moving forward. Months ago we decided to purchase a Scrubba Washbag (we’d seen a tiny house couple that used it). So I had experience washing with it but not “full time.” I washed our clothes every day since the loads are obviously small. I then hung them up to dry on hangers in the bathroom/shower.

From this little experiment I realized the process didn’t take too long so I was ok with it. I also recognized though that if laundry got out of control it could be a big pain! My overall experience though was that I didn’t mind the washing routine at all. The bag method was easy enough, got the clothes clean and seemed to work fine. I struggled with the drying though. I used the method of wringing out the clothes with towels before hanging them. This worked great the first day but then the towels were getting too soaked which took forever to air dry and we’ve minimized so we no longer have an abundance of towels, and certainly won’t in the tiny house. I honestly became overwhelmed with things constantly hanging and quite frankly taking too freaking long to dry!

I realized that the experiment was exactly what I needed. I gained some information and we’re ready to move forward to make the transition into the tiny house without a washer and dryer easier. I got some advice from a facebook group for people who live in small spaces or tiny houses and several living without washers and dryers gave some good advice worth looking into. Several use a laundromat. They also weren’t willing to give up the space for the large appliances and the laundromat has worked fine for them. Others recommended a wringer which I previously considered. Another recommended this small spin dryer. I hadn’t heard of this and it seems to have pretty good reviews. It will take up some space but not nearly as much as an actual dryer. We’ll continue to research our options and figure out what we want to try next. The good old fashion clothesline will of course be on our list too once we’re settled, but obviously we need an alternative for poor weather.

The next test was living without the dishwasher. This test didn’t yield nearly as many insightful results. I’m guessing that was because growing up we never had a dishwasher and the first place I moved into we didn’t have one either. In other words I had experience on how to manage this. Dishes piling up naturally drives me crazy so that helps that it can’t get out of control. After this little test I really have no worries about not having a dishwasher in the tiny house. We will have very little space for the dishes to pile up and so few dishes that we will need to keep them clean to use them. I will happily take less house to clean in exchange for washing dishes.

All in all I found this experiment to be beneficial. My hope is that we can work through as many things before moving into the tiny house that everything that is changing doesn’t come as quite a big shock.

For those of you living in a tiny house (or planning to), what experiments would you recommend testing out to make the transition easier?