Tiny Interview with a Tiny Human about a Tiny House

He knows there will eventually be a tiny house on this trailer

He knows there will eventually be a tiny house on this trailer (he toured 3 different tiny houses before we began our build).

As most of you know we’re building a tiny house and we’re a growing family, 1 son and 1 on the way. Most people are baffled that we’re choosing to try out this lifestyle with a child/children. So I decided who better to weigh in on this matter than my 4 year old son. Here is how the interview went down:

Already running "in the house"

Already running “in the house.”

What are mommy and daddy building?

A tiny house

What is a tiny house?

It’s a thing that you can hook up to your car or truck and you can bring it to places and that’s your new house that you’re gonna live in. Then we can sell our house to somebody else.

Are you going to live in it?


How do you feel about that?

Happy because I really like the idea.

Where are you going to sleep?

In my loft.

Imagining laying in his loft.

Imagining laying in his loft.

I’ve heard you had to get rid of some toys in order to get ready for moving into the tiny house, how does that make you feel?

A little bit sad.

Are you worried about anything with the tiny house?

Well if I don’t get a punching bag that will make me so sad.

What are you most excited about with the tiny house?

That we’re bringing some of my toys!

When you move into the tiny house what is the first thing you’re gonna do?

Brush my teeth.

What is your favorite part of the tiny house?

My loft because I can touch the ceiling.

How do you feel that people are going to have bigger houses than you and you’re going to be living in a tiny house?

I don’t care.

Anything else you want to say about the tiny house?

Well, it gots wheels. And if the wheels deflate that means they are out of air.



When approaching the tiny house with our son we’ve been very adamant about including him in the conversations. We’ve discussed sacrifices (less toys, etc) and benefits (more family time, experiences etc). We’ve also talked about the building process along the way describing what we’re doing and we also are sure to ask his opinion on certain things. After all of the endless discussions with him we’ve come to the conclusion he couldn’t care less about living in a smaller home. Honestly…I think he loves talking more than anything and he knows he can do that in any sized home :).

We were testing out some stains so of course he had to get some painting done!

We were testing out some stains so of course he had to get some painting done too!


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  1. Very cute:D My family and are also building a tiny house and my three year old daughter has had a similar response. I’m actually building two. An 8x24ft thow’s and a 6.5x10ft thows. I’m planning on taking them on tour across Alaska, my home state, and sharing and educating people about them, but my daughters don’t really get that. They just like that it’s small and they can build Tiny House’s with their leggos and make mommy laugh:D (p.s. I got connected to your page via the tiny house people into link. so thanks for the share:)

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