After spending a year easing into homeschooling with my son I realized some things that worked great, some things that didn’t work and some things that need tweaked.

I spoke about my ziplock bag method in my blog post “Easing into Homeschooling.” This worked really great! I had my chart printed in the front of the bag and all the materials that were needed stuffed into the bag. That way each time we sat down I could just pull it out and pick a few things for that day. I loved that I didn’t have to plan day by day but could just pull from the bag knowing we were working towards a goal. What I realized I didn’t like was the month by month plan. It was hard for me to sit down and plan just a month and then I had all of these extra materials that we never got to. I decided to start planning by quarter and as we’re about to finish up the first quarter, I’m really enjoying it a lot more. We’ve been able to keep up our routine, add some materials and the only new thing we have to pull out each month are the read aloud books for our theme (since it changes monthly).

The only other major thing that I learned from the past year was to just be flexible (which as a teacher I’m pretty used to). Routine and schedule can be important but my son has a lot of energy. He has gone through phases where he would love to sit and work on school stuff for 2 solid hours then there comes a time where it is difficult for him to get through 30 minutes. I’ve had to just learn to go with the flow and try new things when we hit a phase where it just isn’t working. Below I’ve included the template I used for the first quarter which was developed off of our Pre-K Objectives and Outline.

Homeschool Adventures
Pre-K/4 years old- 1st Quarter (June, July, August)


June-Swimming, July-Ocean/Beach, August-All About Me


Letters & Sounds, Main Idea, Rebus Readers, First Name, Tracing, Create Stories


Counting, ID #’s 0-20, 2D & 3D Shapes, Quarter


Plants, Healthy/Clean Body

Social Studies

US Holidays-4th of July


Coloring, Step by Step drawing

Physical Fitness

Swimming, Sports

Life Skills

Chores, Gardening, Cooking


Kindle Apps, LeapPad, Library Desktop Computer

Service Projects

Clean Up the Community

Extra Curricular

Swim Lessons

Curriculum Resources/Workbooks

  • Teaching House

  • Get Ready for Kindergarten: Shapes & Colors

  • Train Your Hand: Lines

  • Train Your Hand: Dots, Spots & Stripes

  • Learning Numbers with Button Bear

  • Highlights & Ladybug Magazines

  • Copied Letter Tracing Pages

***Complete Data Charts Beginning and End of Quarter

As this quarter comes to a close I’ve started preparing for next quarter. I’m excited to see what new things both he and I learn this year and where this homeschooling adventure takes us!