After spending a year on “easing into homeschooling” with my 3 year old, the big guy has turned 4! That means we have approximately 1 year to try to really delve into homeschooling to feel “prepared” before beginning kindergarten! After a year of working with my son and creating a homeschool brainstorm outline of subject areas/goals ¬†with my husband I came up with a document that tentatively outlines what our year will look like. Below is the document:

Pre-K/ 4 Year Objectives and Outline


  • June: Swimming

  • July: Ocean/Beach

  • August: All About Me

  • September: Apples

  • October: Pumpkins

  • November: Thanksgiving

  • December: Christmas

  • January: Robots

  • February: Dinosaurs

  • March: Bugs

  • April: Zoo

  • May: Plants


  • Reading
    • Identify main idea, character & setting of read aloud
    • Identify and name all upper and lowercase letters and their sounds
    • Fluently read rebus readers or beginning sight word readers
  • Writing
    • Write first & last name
    • Practice tracing
    • Use a combination of drawing, dictating or writing to tell a story or event
  • Language
    • Tell stories aloud
    • Begin learning Spanish


  • Count to 100
  • Identify numbers 0-20
  • Identify 2D & 3D shapes
  • Identify penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar and name their value


  • Observe and describe how plants live and grow
  • Identify ways to keep your body healthy and clean

Social Studies

  • Research and learn about US holidays
  • Explore the United States Map. Find and identify TN, OH and SD
  • Recite address


  • Art
    • Practice coloring & painting
    • Do step by step and free drawing
  • Music
    • Explore types of music and instruments.
  • Dance
    • Do choreographed (follow the leader) and free dancing
  • Religion
    • Explore Bible

Physical Fitness

  • Explore and experience various athletics and forms of movement

Life Skills

  • Keep a savings jar from extra chores. Make purchases of items or activities approved by parents
  • Complete and assist parents in household tasks (chores)
  • Assist parents in simple home improvement projects (hold materials, etc)
  • Assist parents in cooking, follow recipes


  • Use computer for websites, games and apps; both touch-screen and with a mouse

Service Projects

  • Volunteer or plan a project/fundraiser at least once a quarter

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Participate in at least 2 extra curricular activities a year

*Color coded- black=continuing from previous year; colors=what quarter objective is introduced

Some of the objectives are common core, some are state standards and some we came up with on our own. We’re really trying to take advantage of homeschooling in the sense that it can go beyond the typical subject areas.