When my son turned 3 I decided it would be good to start incorporating some homeschooling into his schedule. He attended a short 2 day a week preschool but knowing we wanted to homeschool, I was hoping to have 2 years to test the waters and work out some kinks before beginning kindergarten.

Since I have a teaching background and a lot of materials I didn’t feel the need to purchase a¬†curriculum and was hoping to use my own materials at least the first couple years.

The method I decided to start with was create a basic chart  for each month that included goals (and left some areas blank to be filled in as I thought of more). I put this in the front of a ziplock bag and put all materials needed or resources in that bag. That way it was as simple as grabbing the bag and getting started. Below is an example of the chart in the front of the bag.

Homeschool Adventures With a 3 Year Old

Month: August


Community Helpers

Letter Focus

Aa, Bb

Number Focus

1, 2

Shape Focus

Review circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle, heart, star

Other Goals

*Tracing lines & letters

*Rebus Readers






Focus Activities

*Dot Painting

*Name Tracing





Since homeschooling was a new adventure for us I also wanted to create a basic schedule of things I like to see accomplished during the week. If we didn’t get to things I didn’t stress but it also gave us a good guide of goals for each day. Below is what the chart looked like.
3 yr schedule

Throughout the year we did good following this although I found I typically pulled out too many materials for the month so I just let them carry over to the next month. I was constantly assessing and reflecting on what was working and what wasn’t so we could continue on a good path!