It’s not about the house, folks.

At the moment we decided we were going to join the tiny house movement and see where the adventure would take us we became very anxious and excited and at that very same moment we had many people asking us many questions.

As time has passed we’ve been asked question after question (primarily from people who are completely foreign to tiny houses) like…
*What is a tiny house?

*How big will it be?

*Will you have a kitchen?

*Where will you sleep?

*Will you have a bathroom?

They usually then finish with a positive statement and then a final statement  “I could never live in a house that small.” To make it clear I’m not judging these questions because I once was in the same boat but I think it’s important to clear up a few things. As time as passed these common questions have really started to resonate with me and primarily for one reason…the focus of the questions is almost always on the house. Yes we are building a house, yes it is a tiny house so I get it to an extent but if you think the tiny house movement is just about living in a tiny house, you’re wrong.

Yes I love the idea of having less house to clean and a house that we have completely made on our own and I love that it’s a challenge to see what we can live without or rather what we can live with; but, for our family building a tiny house is not ultimately about living in a tiny house. It’s about a lifestyle. A lifestyle where we have more time because we have less house up-keep and less stuff to take care of (clutter). A lifestyle where we have more financial freedom which can lead to easier/happier career choices, more time spent with family, more time giving back to others and more time traveling. If you look at our blog we currently have 6 categories of what we blog about. Only one of those is really about the house, the rest is about our life and this blog is a documentation of what kind of adventure the tiny house will lead us on.



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  1. Yes, this. The house is just a conduit to life we want, the life we feel led to pursue. It’s not a punishment or form of self-flagellation. Even when people don’t say that out loud, I can still see it in there eyes if they are thinking it! 😉

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