Folding seems like such a crazy topic to blog about. It seems to be something that you’ve done a certain way for so many years why change now? A year ago my husband joined the military and there is a certain way to “roll” clothes. At this point I learned how to “do the roll” and when doing laundry I’ve done that with some items. I recently found a method that I really like though when it comes to folding and storing clothes. 

If you are in the minimalism community you’ve probably read or heard of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I discovered the popularity of this book through a minimalism facebook group. EVERYONE seemed to be talking about it so I wanted to check it out. To give a background on the book Marie’s job is to help others tidy…not organize but tidy! When reading the book she doesn’t call it minimalism but that is what it is. Her number one rule is “Does it bring you joy?” If the answer is “no” then it goes.

Anyways… I learned several things from this book but I must say her method of folding was one of the aspects I found very helpful. I’ve always folded my clothes and stacked them. Marie came up with the “KonMari folding method” and I must say I’m a fan!

There is a certain way to fold the clothes (different from how I’ve folded) but then you stand the clothes up as opposed to stacking them. When you do this it not only saves spaces but you are able to see the clothes much easier. Below is a picture of one of my drawers. I’ve even found by doing this I have even more space which is going to be nice when we downsize and don’t have the room for the clothes! This is also a wonderful method for packing when you are traveling. In my picture you can see I don’t have the perfectionism/neatness of the method just yet but you can at least get the idea!


In closing, if you are looking for a good book to get you started de-cluttering, tidying or moving into a minimalist life, I highly recommend the book. If you are just looking for a new way to store your clothes to better suit you, check out some youtube videos of the konmari method like the one below: