I previously made a post about what I’m looking forward to when it comes to living in a tiny house. I am well aware that living in a tiny house will not be all sunshine and rainbows so I’ve decided to also share what I’m worried about when it comes to tiny house living.

*Surviving the Build– One of the most challenging times we’ve had in our marriage was completely remodeling a house. We are now building one, but obviously on a much smaller scale. Hoping we can continue to apologize to each other when we get in those times of craziness and challenges with the build. Also we’re both so anxious to be at the moment when the house is done that I hope we can enjoy it along the way.

*A Big Man in a Tiny House– Our son is young and my frame would probably be described as petite. My husband isn’t a giant but he is 6’2. I sometimes worry what the reality will be for him living in a house where some areas he might not be able to reach his hands above his head without hitting the ceiling or stretching his arms out without hitting the walls.

*Not Having a Place for Family to Stay– We have moved away from our family and I sometimes worry what it will be like when they come to visit. We may have room to throw down an air mattress but in our current house they have their own bedroom and a bathroom to share with Gib…not quite the same. I imagine they will often choose to stay in a hotel. I’m hoping that we will just use this as an opportunity to really get out and enjoy time with family as opposed to spending time in the house.

*Cabin Fever– We aren’t ones to stay in our house very much now, we’re always running and doing something but I do worry that during times of bad weather that cabin fever will set in much more quickly.

*Finding the Perfect Place for our Tiny House– One of the first questions people ask us is where our tiny house is going to be (it’s on wheels). We currently live in a very well desired area and land is not easy to come by, let alone cheap. I have a “vision of the perfect place” but we’ve decided to have some options floating in our heads but cross that bridge when we get there!