Looking Forward to Tiny House Living

Some people thing we are very crazy because we are a family and planning to build and live in a tiny house. I decided to post what I’m most looking forward to with living in a tiny house and will later make a post about what I’m worried about. Like any big life decision there are excitements and worries.

Here is what I’m looking forward to about living in a tiny house:

*Tiny House =Tiny Cleaning– My husband has been researching and studying tiny houses for well over 10 years and I recently just got on board and one of the main reasons was cleaning and house up-keep. This sounds crazy to up and change a lifestyle for this kind of thing but it all came clear to me one day…my son had asked me to sit down and play and I turned him down because I was behind on laundry, dishes and cleaning the house. Most of the areas I needed to clean in the house are areas we don’t even spend time in. This hit me as very wrong and I knew I needed to re-access our daily life. I’m not the type of person that can say fully (or rather honestly) “ignore the mess the kids are making memories.” If you know me…you know I love crafting with my child, I allow my son to get muddy…it’s just that I will clean the mess as soon as we are done making the memories!

*More Family Time– I’m fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with my son because my husband works. In our non-tiny house we do a good job of managing our funds and living within our means so we are able to still enjoy life but I must say there are many days throughout the week where my son and I are experiencing something amazing and all I can think about is how much I wish my husband was with us to experience it. We’re hoping that by living tiny he can work a job where he has a lot more flexibility and is able to be there for more of those moments.

*Living with Less– I’ve been working on cleaning out our house quite a bit for the last year and before we live tiny we still have a LONG way to go. I’ve seen benefits though from living with less and I’m excited to be “forced” into it with the tiny house to really get down to what is needed and what is important to us and clear out the rest.

*Becoming More Green– This isn’t one of the reasons I really want to live tiny but it is one of the things I’m looking forward to, if that makes any sense. In the past couple years we’ve become more green in the sense that when my son was in diapers I put him in a cloth which lead to more cloth in our house (cloth napkins, cloth instead of paper towels, etc) which has really cut down on our waste.¬†We’ve also been researching some green products. Lastly, we’ve been composting which has been a huge and fulfilling step for us. When living tiny I look forward to becoming more in tune with these things, as well as, becoming more aware and educated on water conservation.

*Trying a New Lifestyle- When we live tiny it will be a completely new lifestyle for us. We are well aware that we have no idea where this path will lead but that is kind of exciting. We’re realistic that if it doesn’t work for us we’ll always have the opportunity to make a new decision but for now we’re just really looking forward to seeing where this new lifestyle can take us.



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  1. Mary

    Oh, the cleaning!! It’s constant and there are soooo many days I miss out on moments because I “have” to do these dishes/this laundry/the vacuuming RIGHT NOW. This one is high on my list, too.

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