Before I die…

When traveling in Asheville, NC we stumbled upon an interesting “piece.” The “Before I die…” chalkboard wall. It was filled with what people want to accomplish before they die. Some very simple and easily achievable, others not so much. Very interesting to read what people had written. Had I not had my impatient 3 year old with me I probably would have taken time to read more. My question for you…what would you have written on the wall?



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  1. Tammy Bobo

    I’ve wanted to do a mission trip in a third world country for as long as I can remember. For just a little bit – even if it’s just a week – I want to make someone else’s world a little bit better. Nick and I are signed up to go to Haiti in July 2016 and I’m nearly beside myself!

  2. travis

    Attend my son’s 50th birthday party…

  3. Beth

    Touch the Pyramids in Egypt.

  4. Mish

    Have a sleepover in a Tiny House! 😉

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