As a child my parents took me on quite a bit of vacations. We saw beautiful beaches and fun amusement parks. We made wonderful memories as a family and with some our friends we traveled with. I’ll never forget those special times.

Since being married and becoming a mom I’ve looked a little more in depth into the way we travel, specifically where we stay. In the past we always stayed in hotels. ALWAYS! In fact, I never really even thought about other options, besides the occasional cabin.

When my son was about 18 months old a weird thing happened. He started having night terrors when we stayed in hotels. One time he literally had a scream-cry combo for about 2 hours…and it was the loudest scream-cry EVER. My husband and I were worried for our son, exhausted and felt awful for the other hotel-stayers on the other side of the wall.

After this happened a few more times we started looking into other options for when we traveled. We weren’t sure what caused this problem (Was it the disruption in routine? Was it the space? Was it that it didn’t feel like a home?) but we knew at the very least we needed to try something new. At that point we started renting cabins or houses instead of hotels. We were able to give him more of his normal routine (breakfast and lunch all together where we were staying as opposed to eating out and being expected to sit 3 times a day while meals were ┬ábeing prepared) and he did much better.

Now he’s older and we don’t worry about this nearly as much but we loved staying in the houses and cabins so we’ve tried to get creative with this. Right now our son is 4 years old…when traveling he’s stayed in a hotel, condo, tent, cabin, yurt, and an airstream (#thesilverbabe)! I encourage everyone to explore the “You Only Live Once” method when choosing a place to stay! It makes the trip that much more memorable and fun!


What’s the coolest, most unique place you’ve ever stayed in?