Since my venture into packing lighter I’ve found 5 simple benefits to packing light. If you aren’t so sure just give it a try for one trip and see how you feel. You may never go back to that crazy, fill-the-hotel-room packing! Here are the benefits I’ve found:

1. Opportunity to get creative– I actually find it fun to get creative with my clothing pieces. It’s almost like a weird fashion puzzle. Lay out a few pieces and accessories and see how much you can mix and match them to make different outfits. 

2. Less luggage to lug around– If you’re anything like me, carrying luggage is like unloading groceries, you want to get it all in in as few of trips as you can…therefore you look like some pack mule and if you drop one thing…you’re basically screwed. It’s almost freeing for me to roll in my one little suitcase.

3. Focus on what matters– You put in some time while packing, mixing and matching outfits and because you thought about it and didn’t just throw in everything in your closet you spend a whole lot less time thinking about what you want to wear during the actual trip. You may also spend less time getting ready if you’re anything like me and try ditching some hair appliances and keep it simple…messy bun, can I get an amen? This frees up your time and you have more time to focus on family, work, exploring…whatever you’re trying to gain from the trip.

4. Less to unpack– As soon as I get back from a trip I want to immediately unpack and start the laundry. This is just part of my personality but it drives me crazy to feel so overwhelmed getting home thinking of all the unpacking, plus all the laundry. If you take this approach the biggest benefit is that you pretty much wore everything you pack so it can all go straight to the laundry. Before I took this approach I didn’t wear half the amount of what I took so I spent so much time unpacking stuff I didn’t even wear.

5. Less laundry when you get home– Because you’ve chose to pack a minimal amount and mix and match outfits you probably wore pieces more than you would have before. Maybe you only packed one or two pair of jeans instead of four so it gives you less laundry.

I would love to hear any other benefits you’ve found from packing lighter. Please share in the comment section!