Slim Packing

As I explore the minimalist lifestyle more and more I realize different facets of my life that it can be applied to. The most recent traveling…or rather packing! 1 year ago if you saw me traveling (for a weekend trip) I would have had a large suitcase for my clothes and shoes plus an extra case for makeup, toiletries and accessories. Don’t even get me started on what I would have packed for my son.

Most recently I’ve really been battling with packing lighter. Most of the time I come home with many items that I didn’t even wear, so I’ve began questioning how I can make a change to make it a little easier. I’ve tried to apply the capsule wardrobe idea to packing for a trip. Our latest trip I tried to see how few pieces I could take but mix and match to still feel like I had a nice selection.

I even decided to ditch some items that I would have absolutely packed before…for example, the hair dryer and hair straightener (gasp). I also only packed one set of eye shadow…can you believe I survived the weekend?

What I find most funny is that I really didn’t miss anything. I made it all work and still felt great PLUS I had a whole lot less to lug around!

Below is a picture from our weekend family trip. This suitcase holds ALL the clothes, shoes and toiletries for my son, husband and myself for a weekend trip. It is actually a smaller suitcase than what I would have taken just for myself a year ago!




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  1. Kristen

    This is awesome! I remember when you guys first visited us in VA! Gibson was just tiny but his things took up the entire car!!! I love you guys and this is truly inspiring!

    • kristy

      So true! We’ve come a very long way! Thank you and obviously we love you guys too :)

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