We’re the Crazy.Tiny.Free. family! Our family consists of Derek, Kristy and Gibson! We also have 5 pet family members: Shazzi & Snazzi (our cats) and Zeek, Zoey & Tootsie (our dogs).

Derek currently works in the marketing department for a large automotive manufacturer, but he’s a technologist by trade. He’s held titles such as Chief Information Officer, Director of Web Services, Technical Architect and various Web Development positions. Recently he joined the Tennessee National Guard and is working his way through Officer Candidate School. He’s also a fitness enthusiast and avid outdoorsman.

Kristy is a former kindergarten teacher and currently a part-time preschool teacher and stay at home and homeschooling momma! She’s actively involved in the service portion of the local MOMS Club chapter. She enjoys reading, working out, photography, dancing and time with children. She’s no writer but is excited to see where this blog will take her. Her current goal is a simple life that allows more time for family adventures.

Gibson is a blue-eyed, blonde haired cutie. Don’t let his good looks fool you though because he is all boy and very crazy! He loves the outdoors and meeting up with his friends. He is quite the curious chatterbox and often asks “Why…?”

Our current family goals include:

  • A simpler life
  • Build a Tiny House
  • Travel
  • Begin Homeschooling

We’ve been known to take some risks and we have decided to continue in that path towards a Crazy. Tiny. Free. Life! Thank you for stopping by to explore our blog and life journey.

With Love,

Derek, Kristy & Gibson